Guest Post: Shannon of @SouthAfricanEQ


Hey everyone,

I’m guest writing for Kate as I’m one of her #RidersForWellBeing ambassadors. I thought I’d share a story that happened the other day 🙂

I was at a big equestrian festival (show) here in South Africa and I went to buy a t-shirt that I liked. I asked the lady working at the stand for one and she brought me one… But I asked if she had a bigger size for me.

She went off on a rant about how she hates that small people always try and buy bigger sizes & kept insisting the shirt would look good on me because I’m a small built person. All this time my best friend, Ashlin, was agreeing with her.

After about 7ish minutes of them ranting at me about needing to feel better about my body, I tried on the shirt and eventually bought it (and its a tiny bit tight but it shows off the curves 😉 )

It was actually such a good feeling because I often feel very negative about my body & appearance. It was a nice self-esteem booster & it reminded me about how we all need to love and accept ourselves for who we are. The shirt is much more to me now than just a cool shirt, it’s a reminder that you’re perfect the way you are. It’s a reminder that how we see ourselves is often quite far from the truth.

I hope maybe this story helps a few of you…
Lots of love,
Shannon (@SouthAfricanEQ)

Here’s a picture of Shannon in her new shirt.  Doesn’t she look great?



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